Friday, March 2, 2012

Is your basketball facility ready for the optimal play of the madness of March?

Is your basketball facility ready for the optimal play of the madness of March? Make sure to check out GARED’s March PlayRx™ blog on the check points to ensure that your facility shines in the replays of the game winning buzzer beater.

Portable Backstop Health: To ensure your portable backstop is at the regulation 10’ height, GARED recommends creating a 10 foot marked plumb bob, which can be found at your local hardware store or created simply with a pointed weight on a string. Line the 10 foot mark at the top of the front of your rim. If the tip of your plumb bob leans to a side, chances are your rim is too low; if the tip doesn’t touch the floor, the rim is too high. 
·         If your portable is hydraulically operated, be sure to check for leaks prior to rolling it on the floor. If your portable is rising in a jagged manner, chances are you have air in the lines and need to call your manufacturer for a repair recommendation.
·         If your portable is spring assisted, it should raise reasonably easily with the assistance of 2 people. If you are having problems raising the unit, make sure boom and arms are lined up; additionally, if you have added a shot clock to the unit after purchase – you may need additional springs.
·         Make sure your pads are secure and in good condition to ensure safety of the players on the court.

Glass Backboard Health: When checking the health of your backboard, first clean the glass with standard glass cleaner. Inspect backboard for scratches (which could be hairline cracks), a twisted frame, erosion of any frame components and tightness of the mounting hardware. If any of those issues are discovered, it is probably time to order new backboards. When checking the backboard levelness, place a 4 foot liquid level on the top of the backboard frame and each side of the glass surface.  The measurement should show the bubble in the middle of the level.

Backboard Padding Health:  When checking the health of your backboard padding, look for corner tears, separation of pad from frame, center sag and color fade. If any of these symptoms are visually apparent, please contact your local dealer for new pads.

Breakaway Goal/Rim Health: When checking the play condition of your breakaway rim/goal, GARED first recommends that you have outfitted your court with a rim that matches the level of play. Increasing the level of aggressive play should also result in a higher grade rim with a more sophisticated spring mechanism such as GARED’s Snap Back series. During your examination of the breakaway rim, check that the net & weld attachments are intact, the ring of the rim is level, and breakaway action is present upon testing. Spring adjustment should only be performed by certified technicians and can nullify a warranty if performed incorrectly.

Floor Health: Visually check your floor for holes, cracks and sloping. If portable units are being installed onto the floor, the face of the backboard inside the court; the tip of the key is 15 feet from the face of the backboard. Also check the treading of floor plates and anchoring systems for signs of cross-threading and stripping.

For a complete checklist of identifiers of equipment of health, please download GARED’s PlayRX™ form at

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