Thursday, June 7, 2012

GARED® sponsors Inaugural Camogie Juniors Tournament!

GARED® sponsors Inaugural Camogie Juniors Tournament!

On Saturday on May 26, 2012 the St. Louis Camogie & Ladies Gaelic Football Club hosted the inaugural Camogie Juniors Tournament. The tournament was located at the Langenberg Field in the famous St. Louis Forest Park. Teams from Atlanta, Indianapolis, Baltimore, and Washington DC traveled from all over the United States to play in this Camogie tournament. In addition, individual players from Chicago, Milwaukee, Seattle and San Francisco also joined in participating with the tournament this past weekend.

The outcome of the tournament showed:
·      Baltimore/DC team beating Indianapolis for 1stplace     
·       St. Louis #1 team beating Milwaukee for 2nd place
·       Atlanta beating the St. Louis #2 team for 3rdplace

GARED® wanted to extend a generous welcome to the traveling teams and help the St. Louis Camogie & Ladies Gaelic Football Club boost publicity of their inaugural Camogie Juniors Tournament. By doing so, GARED® donated the use of one of their state of the art All-Star I Pro Touchline™ Soccer goals for use during the game. This particular goal has a square frame and measures 8’ x 24’, which is approved by NCAA, NSHAA, and FIFA specifications. In addition, this goal is portable and comes with an 8 year limited warranty. Check out this product for more details here.

Camogie is an ancient Irish sport, similar to Lacrosse and Field Hockey, which is also considered the National Sport of Ireland. The male sport is referred to as Camogie and the female version is referred to as Hurling. As you can tell from the variety of teams at this tournament, there are select opportunities to play this sport on an official team in the United States, but in Ireland Camogie dominates over all other sports. 

How to play the game:
·         Played on a 140m long by 85m wide field
·         Typically 25-30 min halves with a 10 min half time
·         Comprised of two teams consisting of 15 players on each team
o   Goalkeeper, 3 full-backs, 3 half-backs, 2 centerfields, 3 half-forwards, and 3 full-forwards
·         Players are required to wear a special Camogie playing helmet, shin guards, and arm pads during play
·         The players are permitted to use a wooden stick called a hurley stick
o   Similar to a Field Hockey stick, but instead of curved at the end a hurley is flattened and about the size of an open hand
·         The game ball (sliotar) can be described as an “inside out baseball”
o   Mainly rubber material with a protruded red rubber stitching in the same design as baseball stitching
·         The goal is typically a Combination Soccer and Football Goal with the field goal uprights extending on top of the soccer goal
·         To score you can either:
o   Hit the sliotar it into the soccer goal with the hurley, which is worth 3 points
o   Handpass for a goal, which you can’t do in Hurling
o   Kick it into the goal
·         If you hit the ball into the uprights of the field goal, that is worth 1 point

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