Thursday, October 4, 2012

GARED® offers many volleyball systems that provide safer alternatives to lightweight portable systems. One of the top of the line volleyball systems that GARED® carries is The Skymaster®, which is a ceiling-suspended volleyball system. The net is always set, and the innovative design allows you to raise and lower the entire system electronically, including the uprights, net, and optional referee stand. Each system is custom manufactured for specific gymnasiums. The GARED® 8500 GoCourt portable volleyball system adds convenience for its easy mobility.  The next line of indoor volleyball systems that GARED® offers is the 7300 Libero™ Master Telescopic System, the 7200 Libero™ Collegiate System, the 6100 Rallyline™ Scholastic Telescopic System, the 6000 Rallyline™ Scholastic System, and the 5100 Omnisteel™ Scholastic Telescopic System. The advantage to choosing the telescopic design that some GARED® volleyball systems have is that the net will be kept at the top of the post, no matter what the height of the net is, which is mandatory for competition play. The 7200 Libero™ Collegiate System and the 6000 Rallyline™ Scholastic System are both capable of being used as tennis or badminton systems. This could be beneficial for customers with a low budget because of its multi-purpose uses. The 5100 Omnisteel™ Scholastic Telescopic System is a new product that features a stop pin with a connecting cable for fast adjustment of net height. The great thing about these products is that they are all in-ground systems. In-ground systems have a lot of safety benefits when compared to a weighted volleyball system. The GARED® volleyball uprights will not lift up out of the ground or tip over, and the poles have a heavy duty ratchet winch for smooth and easy net tension adjustment. All of the volleyball systems come with 2 upright safety pads to ensure the safety of the players if they were to come in contact with the poles.

Players of all age groups and skill levels play volleyball, which makes it very important for volleyball systems to be safe for various users. GARED® assures any player complete safety when playing on our volleyball systems. Step up the quality and safety of your volleyball equipment, and choose a new volleyball system from GARED®!

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