Thursday, September 6, 2012

Indoor Gymnasium Maintenance

Now with summer over and the school year in full swing, the last thing some people think about should be the first thing on their minds and that is gym safety. The safety of the students, staff members, and customers that use your gymnasium must be ensured at all costs. Especially now that school is back in session, it is absolutely essential that the people inside your gymnasium are protected from all potential threats of injury.

The first step in assessing the level of safety in your gym is identifying threats. It is very important to assess these threats as quickly as possible. There are many different signs of an unsafe gymnasium. Here at Gared ® our goal is to help you to identify some of the most common ones. Below is a list of common items to check for in order to gauge the integrity of your gym equipment.

  • Do you hear squeaking when you raise or lower your basketball units?
  • Is the cable that raises and lowers your basketball unit frayed, crushed, or damaged?
  • Is your backboard padding secure?
  • Is your backboard plumb and level?
  • Does your backboard meet the 42” height requirement for NFHS AND NCAA?
  • Does your rim measure 10 feet above your finished gym floor?
  • Are there any broken welds on your rim?
These are just a few items that should be evaluated. In order to ensure that all the items in your gymnasium are safe you must have your gym inspected by a Gared ® PlayRx™ certified installer.

Safety inspections are the only way to accurately determine if the equipment in your gymnasium is safe for daily use. Receiving a safety inspection at least once a year is required in order to maintain a worry-free, safe envirnment for your gymnasium user.