Monday, February 22, 2016

Choosing the Right Residential Basketball System

Choosing the Right Residential Basketball System

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about a basketball system for your home! Gared offers many different styles of residential basketball systems so you can choose the perfect system that will fulfill the needs of your family, while also keeping external factors in mind, such as geography, weather, and possible vandalism.

Gared carries four different series of residential adjustable basketball systems: Varsity Jam, Collegiate Jam, Pro Jam, and All Pro Jam units. Each series has two board choices available – acrylic or glass - and our premium systems even have an extra option for a heavy-duty polycarbonate board. As you go from the Varsity Jam systems all the way up to the All Pro Jam systems, the post size, safe play area, and board size increases to make a stronger, more durable unit.

If you live in an urban area where vandalism is a concern, you may want to consider a unit with an acrylic or polycarbonate backboard instead of a glass board. In addition, putting a padlock on the adjustment actuator can prevent unauthorized use or theft.
For those on a tight budget, Gared’s Varsity Jam line is the perfect choice! We carry two different Varsity Jam systems, each with a 5” square post with 2-1/2’ foot safe play area from post to board. You can choose either a 34” x 54” or 36” x 60” glass backboard, and each comes with our heavy-duty Titan breakaway rim. Our Varsity Jam units provide quality systems that your whole family will love, at an affordable price!

Looking for a top-of-the-line premium basketball unit? Gared’s All Pro Jam systems have it all! From the 6” x 8” beefy steel post to the regulation size board and collegiate breakaway rim, our All Pro Jam units have the look and feel of
professional systems while easily standing up to the most rigorous games on your home basketball court!

No matter which system you choose, all of Gared’s residential basketball systems have an easy-to-operate height adjustment actuator, which allows the rim height to adjust from 7’ to regulation 10’. Our units are comprised of a black powdercoated steel post which provides superior strength and durability, and our bolt-to-ground post design allows for no-hassle installation and portability of unit if you move.  The heavy tubular lower arm provides a direct-goal attachment for backboard and rim, reducing the stress placed on the backboard when in use. In addition, all backboards feature a white target and border and square corners for a professional look, and have attachment braces which extend to the outer corners of the board, allowing for an unobstructed view during play. Gared’s units also feature our celebrated line of heavy-duty breakaway goals with nylon nets that will stand up to any level of competitive or recreational play setting. And don’t forget our optional accessories! Gared basketball systems can be outfitted with backboard padding, pole padding, and base pads to protect players from injury.

Contact Gared today at 1-800-325-2682 or email us at for more information on our residential basketball systems, or to find a dealer in your area!

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