Monday, March 14, 2016

Are You Ready for March Madness?

March Madness is almost here! Is your school’s basketball court ready for all the action? Whether you just need to replace accessories, such as nets or pads, or if you need redo your entire court, or just need to stock up on training equipment to prep for the big game, call Gared or visit us at to pick out the perfect equipment for all of your upcoming tournament games!

One of the easiest and quickest ways to give your systems a whole new look without spending a lot is to replace old, worn, or falling off backboard pads and goal nets. Gared offers several styles of board pads, including economical peel-and-stick, glue-on, and our most popular bolt-on Pro Mold®backboard padding, which is available in 16 vibrant colors. And we have several styles of indoor and outdoor nets to choose from, including our most popular GAW competition nylon net, our GGN recreational net, and a wide selection of web and chain nets as well.

For a more dramatic overhaul of your basketball set up, now may be a perfect time to upgrade your basketball units before the championship games! If you have steel or aluminum boards, consider upgrading to glass for a more professional look and better ball rebound. Gared carries a full line of glass backboards, including aluminum-framed and steel-framed boards, short 42” and tall 48” boards, and rectangular and fan-shaped glass boards. Give us a call to get our expert advice on your particular set up - our engineers can retrofit just about any existing system!

You may also want to consider upgrading your rims to improve goal performance and durability during heavy play this season. Always use breakaway goals if there will be any dunking or competition play on your systems, as fixed (stationary) rims put increased stress on your backboard, making it more likely to crack or break. Gared’s celebrated line of breakaway rims are the best in the industry! From our Scholastic 1000 Flex Goal to our most popular Collegiate 2000 Breakaway Goal to our elite 4000+ Multi-Directional Breakaway Goal, you are sure to find a rim that meets the needs and budget of your facility.

And finally, don’t forget the training equipment! Gared carries a full line of Toss Back® training aids that are designed to dramatically improve a player’s quickness, strength, stamina, and accuracy. We also have DVD’s available which highlight popular training drills and workouts. Gared also carries practice and rebound rings, which are designed to help improve shooting accuracy and rebound skills.

To celebrate March Madness, Gared is offering a great special on popular basketball items, just in time for all of your big games! You get 2 Collegiate 2000 Breakaway Rims, 12 GAW Anti-Whip Nets, 1 Practice Ring, and 1 Rebound Ring for a special price of $500.00 (school/facility cost). Hurry and place your order now, because this offer is only good through April 1st. Use Promo Code PLAYOFF16 on your PO. Order 2 complete packages, we’ll ship it for FREE! (Invoice must be paid within terms in order to receive 100% freight allowance). Email your Purchase Order to, and we usually ship in 24 hours!

Do you know a school that is in desperate need of new basketball equipment but doesn’t have the budget for it?  Surprise your favorite facility with FREE EQUIPMENT by entering Gared’s March Madness Bracket Challenge! Winning brackets will receive basketball equipment for the school of their choice!

Follow these easy steps to enter:
2. Click on “Sign Up”, which is located on the top bar.
3. Enter your information to create an account.
4. Go to the Gared bracket challenge and enter the password “slamdunk”. 
5. Fill out your bracket, and “like” GARED on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (click on the buttons on the top of our webpage at to see the complete list of winners.

 GARED will be awarding the following gymnasium upgrades to the winning brackets:

1st Place:  2 Competition Glass Backboards, 3 Competition Breakaway Rims, 2 Pair Premium Board Pads
2nd Place:  Varsity Toss Back Basketball Training Aid
3rd Place:  12 Anti-Whip Basketball Nets & 12 Mark V Basketball Scorebooks

Brush off your dancing shoes & good luck!

Deadline to enter is March 16.
 Product must be shipped directly to local facility.
Product is not available for resale.
GARED is not responsible for installation of product.
GARED chooses freight provider and will cover standard shipping costs.

Game Day Munchies  – Bacon-Wrapped Lil’ Smokies

Enjoy this fun snack while you watch your favorite teams! These bacon-wrapped little smokies are a guaranteed hit at any party!

1 package lil’ smokies
Brown sugar
1 lb bacon

1.       Preheat oven to 375°.
2.       Line 9 x 13 pan with foil.
3.       Cut bacon slices into thirds.
4.       Wrap one third piece of bacon around each smokie, secure with a toothpick and place in pan.
5.       After all the smokies are wrapped and placed in pan, generously heap brown sugar on top of the smokies and in between them.
6.       Bake for 30-45 minutes.
7.       Makes about 40-45 smokies.

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