Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Get Set for Volleyball Season!

Volleyball season is right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about upgrading or replacing your facility’s volleyball equipment! From post pads, nets, and storage equipment, to complete inground or portable systems, GARED has all the premium indoor and outdoor equipment you need to take on your most demanding games!

If you are looking for a traditional, inground system for your facility, GARED’s complete line of Libero and Rallyline aluminum and steel post systems may be just the answer. We offer 3” and 4” lightweight aluminum and heavy-duty steel post systems, available with or without floor sleeves to fit your existing court set up. Whether you need a competitive system for your top program, or an economical multi-use unit that will accommodate all your indoor net sports, we have you covered!

Is your gymnasium always busy with different court activities throughout the day?   Are you looking for an electrically-operated volleyball system that can be set up and taken down with the flip of a switch? Look no further than GARED’s Skymaster® ceiling-suspended volleyball system! Our innovative design allows you raise and lower your entire system up and out of the way of other court activities in just minutes, saving you the time and effort of hauling away bulky upright posts into storage areas. Our Skymaster® system includes everything needed to play, including posts, net, padding, and referee stand.  It can also be custom-manufactured to meet your facility requirements, and is available in one-, two-, and three-court configurations.

Another portable option is our new GoCourt® portable volleyball system! These systems also eliminate the need for drilling and installing sleeves into your gym floor, and allow you to easily wheel your entire system in and out of the court area in minutes!  Everything you need to play is included with the system, including padded referee stand, padded portable bases with aluminum uprights, net, and antennas and sideline markers.

Also check out GARED’s full line of outdoor volleyball equipment! We carry heavy-duty steel systems, and also lightweight square aluminum systems that are perfect for beach tournaments and sand leagues. And don’t forget about our famous Mongoose® wireless system, which eliminates the need for guy wires that players can trip over. Our Mongoose® system is completely portable and includes a carrying bag, padded posts, net, ground plates, sand wedge adapters, and boundary marker – easy to set up and ready for play!

Don’t forget the accessories to complete your volleyball set up! GARED offers referee stands, post pads, nets, floor sleeves, cover plates, custom base adapters, net antennas and sideline markers, storage racks and carts, equipment transporters, and even net storage racks so all of your equipment can be stored neatly and out of the way of other sports equipment during the off season.

Questions about choosing a volleyball system that is right for your facility? Do you have a program budget that you need to meet? Call GARED at 1-800-325-2682 and speak with one of our trained Customer Service Specialists who will answer any questions you have! Or you can always visit us online at for product information, specifications, installation instructions, warranty information, and much more!

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