Thursday, September 22, 2016

Get in the Game with GARED!

Get in the Game with GARED!

Basketball season is almost here! Get your school or facility ready for the action with GARED! We can help you pick out just the right equipment for your organization, whether you are just replacing a few accessories or doing an overhaul of your entire court!

One of the easiest and quickest ways to give your systems a whole new look without spending a lot is to replace old, worn, or falling off backboard pads and goal nets. Gared offers several styles of board pads, including economical peel-and-stick, glue-on, and our most popular bolt-on Pro Mold®backboard padding, which is available in 16 vibrant colors. And we have several styles of indoor and outdoor nets to choose from, including our most popular GAW competition nylon net, our GGN recreational net, and a wide selection of web and chain nets as well.

You may also want to consider switching out your rims to improve goal performance and durability during heavy play this season. Always use breakaway goals if there will be any dunking or competition play on your systems, as fixed (stationary) rims put increased stress on your backboard, making it more likely to crack or break. Gared’s celebrated line of breakaway rims are the best in the industry! From our Scholastic 1000 Flex Goal to our most popular Collegiate 2000 Breakaway Goal to our elite 4000+ Multi-Directional Breakaway Goal, you are sure to find a rim that meets the needs and budget of your facility.

For a more dramatic overhaul of your court set up, now may be a perfect time to upgrade your basketball units! If you have steel or aluminum boards, consider upgrading to glass for a more professional look and better ball rebound. Gared carries a full line of glass backboards, including aluminum-framed and steel-framed boards, short 42” and tall 48” boards, and rectangular and fan-shaped glass boards. Give us a call to get our expert advice on your particular set up - our engineers can retrofit just about any existing system!

And finally, don’t forget the training equipment! Gared carries a full line of Toss Back® training aids that are designed to dramatically improve a player’s quickness, strength, stamina, and accuracy. We also have DVD’s available which highlight popular training drills and workouts. Gared also carries practice and rebound rings, which are designed to help improve shooting accuracy and rebound skills.

Call GARED today at 1-800-325-2682 or visit us at for more information on our entire line of basketball equipment and accessories.

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